The outstretched hand of God


“When Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when  the wind was boisterous , he was afraid, and beginning to sink. He cried out, saying “ Lord , save me!”. And immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him” (Mat.14,29-31a)

Have you been experiencing a nice morning with heavy headache? Realizing that instead of rising from the night to the new morning, you are sinking in an overloaded of work or ministry or unresolved family problems. You pray simply “ Lord , save me !, I am sinking . As you did to Peter, Lord save me!”

And later after one or two hours  then someone is knocking your door unpredictably and unexpectedly . You said to yourself “ no , not now , please” . You open the door and you find an old friend considered as brother or sister , giving you a big hug , someone with whom  you can talk openly without any   hesitation. God  stretched his hand and caught you .

God is at work : a rescuer God .

Lisa Borden said that” The hard truth of life is that we all have internal injuries”( In Aproaching God, 2010,p.113). God is at work and He wants us to know him as our rescuer , our healer . “ he leads the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”( Ps.147,3)

Many time, we are caught in some way of managing the problems rather the solution . God can make you someone who can walk  on the water  if you are really  going and focusing yourselves  to Jesus . The thing is that God is proposing us a way  that you can be focused on Him , who is  the solution : Jesus, the life , the truth and the way. Through him and in him, you can find the real life you ought to live , the real truth you ought to hold on and the real way you have to follow.

Every day of our life, we can pray : Lord make me and mould me so that you can  send me that I can be your outstretched hand  in this world where  many people are sinking  and  where many people  can be rescued . Amen


Rev. Fr. Samitiana