Missing a Golden opportunity!

Reading: Luke 19: 41 – 48

During my school years, often my mom would tell me, don’t miss the golden opportunity to study when she saw that I was busy with futile things instead with my books. So often, we assume that if an opportunity is presented to us and we don’t make the most of it, we shall have many other chances later.  However, experience eventually teaches most of us what God had tried to get us to see much earlier: opportunities are offered and then pass by us never to be offered quite the same way again.

This evening’s second lesson for Evening Prayer sets the scene at Jerusalem upon which Jesus wept as she missed a golden opportunity for experiencing God’s glory. Jerusalem stood on the brink of history. Jerusalem had to respond to two very important options: Accepting Jesus as the way to peace offered great opportunity. Rejecting Jesus as the way of peace led to the destruction that would follow. We all know that Jerusalem at a later stage after the resurrection will literally know destruction as the Temple which is one of the greatest symbols of the Jewish Faith was destroyed.

Unfortunately this same rejection is present in the lives of people on a much smaller scale. There are many situations where people reject the way of the Lord in their youth, or in a time of rebellion, or while studying for future professional life and think that he will be there for them to follow whenever and however they may choose. Some of us human beings think that eventually we shall go back to the Lord, but for now they can’t waste much time on things like (JESUS CHRIST). Unfortunately life experience shows that they will also forfeit much peace as the consequences of their rejection and procrastination and those bring heartache after heartache. In addition, some can have their hearts become so hardened that they never wish to return to the Lord.

The lesson for us in this piece of scripture is that there is an urgency to go back to the Lord and we should not miss the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. As Christians one of our main tasks is to live and act with great urgency in the lives of those we love and ask God to help us reach them for Jesus Christ so they do not miss the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY of their lives and their eternities not be squandered on what is not peace!

Let us pray:

Father, give me wisdom and “urgent patience” to know how best to share the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY of having Jesus Christ to those I love who do not know him as their Lord. I do not want to rush them in ways that close their hearts to him. At the same time, dear Father, I don’t want to be lethargic in my approach to them either. Help me be a peace-bringer as I seek to share the Lord. In Jesus’ name I ask it. Amen.

Rev.Kevin David