Called to serve God


Lately, the theme of ‘Calling’ has preoccupied my mind. Is there a logic in the process whereby God calls? Is it at random? Or are we predestined ‘to be called’ as stated in the book of St Paul to the Ephesians?

Amos, the minor prophet, is a clear example which evokes that Divine calling rests upon God’s prerogative. This prophet was busy looking after animals and caring for Sycamore trees but the Lord called Amos from his environment and gave him the mandate to be prophet and to speak out for social justice against the dominant class.

Another example is King David in the Old Testament. When Samuel, the prophet, has seen each one of the sons of Jesse, his choice finally falls upon the young lad who was in the fields rearing animals, the anointing with oil of David sealed his calling to be king of Israel.

In one of the emails I received lately reads at the bottom line: stay blessed, stay called!  This statement is full of expressions, we are indeed responsible for our lives to stay blessed and called.

Have we not encountered Ministers of the Gospel who have left the Ministry and gone back to other occupations? What has happened? Are they burnt out? Did they allow deceptions to creep in? What were the ill-feelings for not realizing one’s dreams in ministry?

So many questions remain unanswered… One thing I want for sure point out: We must pray for our priests and do our utmost that they stay blessed and stay called. The Church is a special place for discerning one’s calling and in this same Church we are called to work out and unfold our calling to the benefit of a greatest number.


Lord Jesus, You called us according to the richness of your glory. Help us to respond with love to the calling to serve and to be a blessing to our brethren. On this day, may we be imbued with the promptings of the Spirit to stay blessed and stay called. Amen.

Rev.Eddy Chong See