CITY CLINIC CSR DONATION CEREMONY                         image001


At THE BISHOP’S HOUSE 11 th July 2017

Dr Patrick J.Chui Wan Cheong, Chairman City Clinic Group


His Grace The Most Reverend Gerald James Ian Ernest,

Bishop of Mauritius, Archbishop of the Anglican church of the Indian Ocean.


Reverend Father Stenio André – Archdeacon

Mr John Leung Yinko – Diocesan Chancellor

Mrs Nathalie Poottaren – President of ANGLICARE

Reverend Father Kevin David – Board of Commissioners

Reverend Cheong See

Mrs Shirley Thomas – Diocesan Executive Officer

Mrs Marie-Anne Achille – Diocesan Administrative Officer

Mrs Prasanna Moses- Communications Officer


Good afternoon.

On behalf of my whole family, I wish to thank all of you present today in this Ceremony in the context of the CSR donation by the City Clinic. It epitomizes the expression of appreciation of our voluntary gesture.

The name of the City Clinic

Founded 1968.  Established by me – The foundation coincides with the official independence of Mauritius from the British Colonial rule in 1968 and Port Louis was upgraded to the status of a City – called City of Port Louis.   I gave the name of my clinic CITY CLINIC in 1968.  It was inaugurated by Sir Gaetan Duval, the first mayor of the City of Port Louis in the company of Lady Jagatsingh.


Mission and objectives

When speaking of the genesis and development of the city Clinic, it is my honour to share with you the Mission and Objectives. In a nutshell, it is based on the simple guiding principles and values of constant caring services with compassion and empathy.

Down memory lane, I wish to share with you briefly the way and the context in which the City Clinic was launched and called to serve the people of Port Louis and Mauritius at large.

As a resident of Port Louis, after having served in public hospitals, I took an important decision: I felt I could serve better in private Health Care sector in view to enhance the standard of Heath Care to needy people and above all, to introduce modern High Tech medical technology.  It was a challenging decision but with heart and mind I toiled to realize my ambition, I chose PLAINE VERTE to start the City Clinic in 1968. Where to open the Clinic? This was a major question and after a careful examination of the issue, I chose Plaine Verte for several reasons.  I was attracted by the exquisite and spacious green space (the so-called Plaine Verte Gardens) as well as the proximity of the clinic to the Harbour. There was a growing demand for prompt medical treatment from seafarers and residents of Port Louis. This is how the success story started.


Right from the beginning, I gave free consultation and free drug medication to needy patients and most especially to the senior citizens to realize my Mission and Objectives. I really enjoyed the experience and I was particularly honoured and blessed that the Municipal City Council of Port Louis awarded the City Clinic the GOLD MEDAL in 1995 in recognition for the services rendered.  In the same year, I was blessed to be awarded Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II who gave me an O.B.E decoration award in 1982 for contribution to social medicine.

The philosophy of City Clinic

It includes (1) Credibility – to be a credible medical institution (2) Quality services –  ISO standard – First Clinic to obtain ISO 9002 for international Quality Award in Mauritius. (3) Promotion of constant innovation of modern medical technology.  (4)  Collaboration to promote and share Modern High Tech medical technology.  One of my greatest prides is to note that the philosophy has stood the test of time.   I am confident it will be upheld by my team (doctors, consultants, nursing staff and administration) and most especially my children doctors who will be the torch bearer for generations to come.   One example of this fruitful High-Tech collaboration was the installation of a CT Scanner by City Clinic at La Clinique Mauricienne.  I am pleased that this collaboration with La Clinique Mauricienne is maintained and is called to develop further.


2018 will be a year to remember for Mauritius, the City of Port Louis and the City Clinic.

I am honoured to inform you that the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the City Clinic will be held in 2018 and it will coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the INDEPENDENCE of Mauritius and that of City of Port Louis.

Our CSR donation to ANGLICARE

To-day’s donation to the Anglican Diocese must be seen in the context of my vision as a caring clinic on the eve of on-coming Golden Jubilee celebration.  Together with my family and my collaborators, I have chosen The Anglican Diocese of Mauritius for this year’s CSR donation for several reasons:

The secret to Happiness is helping others. There is a famous Chinese saying that goes:

If you want happiness for one hour TAKE A NAP

If you want happiness for a day, go FISHING

If you want happiness for a year, inherit a FOUTUNE

If you want happiness for a lifetime.  HELP SOMEBODY

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity

Today, I feel that I am on a happiness journey, because I am informed, I have seen and I witnessed how the Anglican Diocese of Mauritius over the years and most especially under the leadership of Mgr. Ian Ernest has done excellently to help others in need. For example, I am touched by what Mgr. Ian Ernest has consistently done for the poor people of outskirts of Tranquebar, the financial assistance to poor students for their educational needs and the setting up of the St Hugh’s home.  I congratulate him also for his benevolent projects to help Rodrigues via the REACH project. Mgr. I Ernest is known for his passion for serving humanity:  Winston Churchill said: “we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

To conclude, today is for me a memorable day and for the City Clinic group when I feel that over all these years till now I have been living on key values and principles based on the caring for others.  I am overwhelmed to be amidst you today because I know that you and I and the Anglican Diocese here and in the Global economy TOIL daily or serve humanity as the LEO TOLSTOY, famous Russian philosopher said: “The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity “.

Thank You.