Call to prayer: A window for Peace

Let us seize the opportunity to open the window for Peace

During this Holy Week I wish to call on you to be in solidarity with each other irrespective of Creed.

In the past days we have been shocked by attacks on innocent people and this has brought about a lot of tensions which bring the world to face a threat.

The world is facing one of its darkest moments as these tensions may bring about a war which may affect all of us. It looms over our heads, and we cannot afford to let the conflicts of the world win the day.

The God whom we worship, is a God of Love and Peace, and He calls on each of us to work for the welfare of nations with a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.

God has taught us through His Son Jesus Christ, that by his death and passion, we can be liberated from the grips of fear and warmongering.

God has shown many times that the power of evil can been overcome by the power of Love.

So, it is time for us to turn to God, again, to pray to him, so that we may diligently work for Peace and denounce with all our strength evil powers which put at stake our future.

May I call on you to offer our prayers so that evil manoeuvres be crushed down, and that justice and human solidarity prevail.

++ Ian Ernest