Reverend Father Eddy Cheong See


Reverend Father Eddy Cheong See

  • Priest
  • St Clement’s Rectory, Dupin Avenue, Curepipe
  • (+230) 676 2250; (+230) 5759 4771

I was ordained in year 2000 and have been to seminary at the College of Transfiguration in Grahamstown, South Africa.


The churches in the North were the first parishes which I served with intensive mission in the region of Poudre D’or village. Since then, I have served in the regions of the center of the island (Rose Hill, St Pierre village & Beau Champ village)


The particularity of my ministry ranges from Mission/Evangelisation to Interfaith dialogue and I have a leaning to doing Contextual theology in making real the faith I live in the person of Jesus Christ. My work with the Council of Religions has allowed me to travel and meet with different cultures of the world.


I am also the national coordinator  of the Certificate course in Peace & Interfaith studies at the University of Mauritius whereby participants  learn on World religions and religious dialogue in our pluralistic Mauritius.