Reverend Father Eric Luximon


Reverend Father Eric Luximon

  • Priest
  • 4, Nicolas de Cere Street, Beau Bassin
  • (+230) 5754 9331

Hi my name is Jean Eric Sylvain Luximon, born in 1960 and I was blessed to be raised in a Christian family. I am married to Lilie Claire for thirty years now. Fifteen years ago, God called both of us to serve Him as lay readers in the parish of St Thomas, Beau Bassin.


After the FOV courses in 2007, I was chosen to be an ordinand and I   was ordained as a deacon in 2009 and finally after my theological studies in 2012, God, through Bishop Ian, called me to Priesthood. Since then, I have got the opportunity to serve for the past seven years the parish of St Barnabas Pamplemousses and St Mark, Poudre d’or where really I got so many joys and pains in my ministry.


I am currently serving in Rodrigues Island, since May 2016, as the Rector of the Parish of St Barnabas, Port Mathurin and  St Luke ,La Ferme .I am also serving  the Rodrigues College as Manager.


I thank God also for all the good experiences I got while I was serving in Mauritius specially as the coordinator of the diocesan family & marriage commission, the Mothers Union and St Hugh Chaplain, as a Board commissioner and as treasurer of Alpha .I thank God also for the opportunity he gave me to work in the social field, specially with families in need. Here in Rodrigues I am the chairman of an association called Reach which deal mainly with the children in need.


Anyway, I have always tried my best to respond to God’s call to be a disciple; to tell others about the love and power of Jesus Christ through word and deed; and tried to inspire others to live faithful lives.


I give all glory to our gracious Lord for all His blessings he sent on me and on my wife during our service for His kingdom.