The Very Reverend Bryen Adeline


The Very Reverend Bryen Adeline

  • Dean of the Cathedral
  • St. James’s Cathedral Rectory, Poudrière St, Port Louis.
  • (+230) 212 2354

I am the Very Reverend Bryen Serge Adeline, married to Claudette and father of one son, Ryan. Raised in a strong church culture, I studied for the priesthood at St Philip’s Theological College, at Mahé, Rep. of Seychelles.  I was ordained to the priesthood on 24 November 1991 at St Paul’s Cathedral (Seychelles), where I ministered for two years.


In 1994, I was recruited by the Diocese of Mauritius to work in Rodrigues where I spent 21 years as priest of St Barnabas Church and St Luke’s Community Church and 13 years as Manager of Rodrigues College (a joint Anglican and Roman Catholic secondary school). In May 2016, I was installed Dean of St James Cathedral, Port Louis, and priest in charge of St Peter’s church at Cassis. In September 2016 the Diocese appointed me Manager of St Andrew’s secondary school in Rose Hill.


My vision is for a church that is constant in discerning the will of God for today’s specific needs of the world and is able to connect and respond appropriately and efficiently.


Together with my leadership team and collaborators in the ministry, we are in constant dialogue and prayerfully giving ourselves the necessary space to understand and capitalize on the dynamics of different entities, mission agents and outreach programmes within our church community so that, as a caring church and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we respond effectively to the wide range of needs in the community, thus our theme for this year: God’s goodness-Human needs-A Caring church.