Brief of the ReACH project


ReACH is a social welfare project for the underpriviledged/Vulnerable school children of Rodrigues. It is meant to equip them toward their academic and personal development and to facilitate their integration in the school community.


The first activities of ReACH began in May 1995 in Rodrigues with in mind the intention to reflect a caring Church ministry and to minister to the needs of these children- sort of platform to convert the gospel into action.


The situation prevailing then was that parental absence, due to the number of parents (mostly men) moving out to Mauritius in search of jobs, represented a major concern in Rodrigues . Many children found themselves in dire situation and cases of economic deprivation followed, with collaterals such as, family breaks, absenteeism and hunger which made it practically impossible for these children to succeed in their studies. Some of these children who were good performers in their respective schools, unfortunately lapsed after some time, due to lack of support from their respective families to help them enhance and sustain their academic achievements.


The ReACH Association, since then has embarked itself in the setting up of many programmes to help keeping these students in the mainstream of education. And up to now , every year, ReACH prepares itself to face the harsh reality of deprived families who cannot make ends meet to send their children to school. As such, through its various schemes, the project makes provision for the material and moral support of these students and their families.


The different programmes of the ReACH project are :


(i) The School feeding scheme

(ii) The Tertiary Grant scheme

(iii) The Home Relief scheme

(iv) The Sponsorship scheme


Over the years ReACH has cared for the development of a considerable number of students and the welfare of their families living in an utmost vulnerable situation and in 2017 , ReACH has intensified its activities , now caring after the needs of 110 students.


Coming up:


A Touch Centre is to be put up in the region of La Ferme and will cater for the needs of 85 children living in the vicinity of st Luke’s Church, mainly in the regions of Mt Croupier, Pistaches, Piments and Grand La Fouche Corail.