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Children’s Ministry Commission




To teach biblical truths in a child-targeted, relevant, and creative way to the children of our Diocese.




Our approach is a CHILD-TARGETED MINISTRY as we are reaching out to children to help them discover their God-given identity and walk in a relationship with Jesus Christ . In turn the children will become bearers of God’s love to others.




We plan activities that are age-appropriate and engaging to children. The decor in the classrooms communicates that in these rooms children are treasured. Songs and Bible lessons are taught in ways that will best reach and teach children. We look at everything we do through a child’s eyes to create a ministry that reaches, teaches and loves that child to model gospel values in his life.


Our goal is for children to be so fascinated with God and His written Word that they want to learn more. We have chosen curriculum that will fuel spiritual desire in children by exalting the greatness and worth of God and His glorious work through Christ.